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My five Christmas must haves
December 10, 2012, 5:06 pm
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SOCCER COACH WEEKLY £47 This is the best subscription product on the market for grass roots coaches anywhere in the world – I know the experience and effort that goes into bringing the most up to date coaching advice it is possible to get.


COERVER COACHING – MAKE YOUR MOVE £55.99  This series features skills for players to practise step-by-step on their own, as well as drills and games for coaches and teachers to use in their practice sessions. Learn the skills and how to coach them – such as the reverse drag push, scissors step over and fake inside cut.

A must for any aspiring player or coach to watch and learn from.

The session focuses on defensive organization and there is no coach in the world who is more meticulous in setting up his side properly than José.

Take this chance to coach like José and for your players to train like Real Madrid.

redcard RED CARD ROY – ROY MCDONOUGH £8.95 The jaw-dropping story of terrace cult hero Roy McDonough. Featuring a who’s who cast from football in the 70s, 80s and 90s – from his unlikely friendship with the late, great Bobby Moore to his run-ins with current Premier League managers David Moyes, Martin O’Neill and Tony Pulis (who he kung-fu kicked to the floor after five minutes of an FA Cup tie).

Read my review here


This is my favourite manual of this year… and it works if you use the sessions and allow your players to get into the spirit of the Barcelona way.

It gives your players the ability to grasp that match winning opportunity. Have they got the skill and confidence to make the right play when it matters most?

The manual will help your team develop the technical ability to manoeuvre opponents out of position and create more goalscoring chances.

Attackers need skill, strength and balance

DavidClarkeWhen attackers are faced with a number of defenders and they are alone running at goal it is often strength and skill that get them past and into goal scoring positions.

Your attackers need balance and strength to go with the skill of ball control. It’s no good running and dribbling only for a defender to nudge you off the ball and you lose all that momentum.

So fitness, strength and balance need to be part of your attackers’ make-up. That means training sessions need to include warm-up fitness and running exercises to practices balance at speed.

Watch this old video of Ronaldo playing for Barcelono in 1996 when the late Sir Bobby Robson was coach and Jose Mourinho was his assistant. The pace and balance is excellent and he also rides the blatant attempts to stop him by the Valencia defenders.

 Soccer Skills and Drills

Let your big central defenders go up for attacks

dc1Watching Manchester United play Inter Milan in the Champions League, it was interesting to note the player that gave Manchester a match winning start was the big central defender Nemanja Vidic.

Not only did he keep the Inter Milan attackers at bay but he went up for the corner, lost his markers and headed the ball into the corner of the net. When Inter Milan had a similar opportunity later in the half the attacking forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic missed.

Central defenders can cause chaos at corners. You need to get them to move around or time a run into the box so the corner taker can kick the ball into the area he is running into.

I love seeing my central defenders scoring because they do such a lot of hard work at the back, that it’s nice for them when they get the glory of scoring a goal.

Here’s Vidic’s goal that did so much for a Manchester Utd team to give them the edge over Inter Milan. Finishing is so important.

click here for the Vidic goal against Inter Milan

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