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A weekend off…

What do you do when you’re faced with a weekend and no touchline to pace? “Fantastic – a free weekend,” my wifenew-image-dave-clarke.jpg exclaimed when I told her next weekend was soccer-free. But I’m beginning to get edgy just thinking about it.

“Arrange a friendly,” my colleagues at Better Soccer Coaching suggest. But I’ve been there before trying to arrange friendlies when only half the team want to play – or, in reality, only half the parents want to get out of bed early on a Saturday morning.

So I guess I’ll just hang around the kitchen drumming my fingers on the worktops, and end up taking my sons to the park to play a game between the three of us. Try out the latest drills I’ve been writing for Better Soccer Coaching, run around the pitch checking the lines have been drawn straight and the goalposts are in good condition.

In fact I’ve just found out, I’m on duty taking my five-year-old daughter to drama – “It’s about time you found out where I was”, much to my boys’ dismay. “What will we do?” Looks like it’s the park in the afternoon, get the Leeds Utd score then a bit of Sky Sports in the evening… Now where did I put my daughter’s pink soccer kit?

Dave Clarke, Better Soccer Coaching editor


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