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Soccer players should never foul at throw-ins

I watched the Glasgow Rangers v Fiorentina semi-final of the Uefa cup and one of the Rangers players was twice penalized for foul throws. At this level I find it amazing that any player should be done for a foul throw. It is after all one of the most basic of all disciplines.

Here at Better Soccer Coaching we are always coming up with new ways to get young players throwing the ball properly.

For example, you can teach throw ins without a soccer ball. It’s all about balance.

To stop player’s feet leaving the ground make sure they drag the toes of their rear foot (usually their strongest foot) so hard they can hear it. Knees must be bent to do this.
When the ball goes behind the head the elbows should point out to the side for distance. Keep upright and follow through with a wrist flicking action.

I will be sending this Better Soccer Coaching advice to Walter Smith and Ally McCoist at Rangers because I get annoyed when my players throw badly in a Sunday match so they must have been livid when it happened twice in a Uefa Cup semi-final.

David Clarke, editor, Better Soccer Coaching


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My son plays U14 and we were watching a U18 game earlier this week where a kid had a bad throw-in…I can understand U10 and below occassionally flubbing it, but a SEVENTEEN yr old…or professional player…just sad. :0

Comment by Molly

I’m 25, have been playing soccer since I was in 4th grade and was recently called for a ‘bad throw-in’. Personally, I think some refs are to anal. Let us get the ball in play so that we can PLAY!

Comment by Chris

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