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More dodgy predictions
June 27, 2008, 9:44 am
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I’m getting good at this.

For years now, at the start of every Premier League season, I predict with utter confidence that “this will be Liverpool’s year”. I’ve been saying that every year for about 18 years or so.

Now, a supersitious person might believe that I was jinxing them. Not me. I’m a philosophy graduate, and a student of formal logic. I don’t do superstition. Much.

Early on in Euro 2008 I predicted that Italy couldn’t win playing the way they were. Then they started playing well and I predicted that they might indeed win after all. Then I changed my mind again. That’s my prerogative.

So here are a number of scattergun predictions for my football year ahead.

1. Italy will not win Euro 2008.

2. Liverpool will not win the English Premier League.

3. Chelsea will win the Champions League.

4. Hook Norton Under 9s will improve as individuals and as a team, will win lots of matches, lose lots, and have a lot of fun along the way.

5. Lots of Dad supporters around the world will make utter fools of themselves by yelling at their offspring and referees during matches in the mistaken belief that displaying their comprehensive understanding of the game in such a vocal manner will impress the other parents (and mums in particular) and confirm their masculinity.

6. A hapless Premier League manager will get the sack for losing to Arsenal.

7. England will win a couple games and Fabio Capello will be deified as the saviour of the nation.

8. England will lose a couple of games and Fabio Capello will be vilified.

9. Hundreds of thousands of committed volunteer grassroots coaches will spend millions of hours learning what they can about their craft and doing their darndest to take the game forward and make a difference to the lives of young and old players around the world.

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