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When you need a lucky goal…
August 18, 2008, 10:30 pm
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Often in youth soccer the ball will be pinging around in the penalty area and it will hit someone or something and you’re left wondering how on earth it ended up in the net.

Well here’s five of the best:


Don’t waste time before matches – make warm ups count

Watch the professionals warm up before a game and you can see the concentration and the effort they put in to make sure they are ready to do on the pitch what they practice in training.

Before Manchester United played Middlesborough the Sky Sports team were on hand to watch Christiano Ronaldo warm up for his skills and for his free-kicks.

When the whistle blows he will be ready – this is what coaches of young soccer teams must do. Don’t waste the time before kick offs with long speeches and boring jogging – get your players doing what you want them to be doing in matches.

Visit Better Soccer Coaching for some good warm up tips.

Watch Ronaldo warm up:

Practice your free-kicks like Frank Lampard

I once paid a visit to the ground of Chelsea, Stamford Bridge, to have a look around. I was lucky enough to witness Frank Lampard with his trainer on the Stamford Bridge pitch.

He was standing with his back to goal, and the trainer was feeding the ball in behind him. On his shout of “turn” Lampard turned and shot at the goal.

At first he was hitting the ball miles past the post or over the bar, but after a while he was turning and hitting both corners. When I looked out of the window an hour later he was still doing it.

I write a lot for Better Soccer Coaching about putting in time at practice sessions, and there was Frank Lampard doing just what I was writing about.

Watch this video for a good way to get your players practicing shooting into the top corners of the net:

Make more use of your back garden

The back garden is a great place to practice a lot of the skills you are going to teach your players.

When the rest of the family are out, I get my boots on and work out new drills and exercises to help coach my teams. I also like to tell my players that the back garden is great for them to practice on their own.

My sons both like going in the garden to practice individual skills and techniques that they can use the next week in matches. I tell them how to do Brazilian style skills but they see so much of it in the English Premiership its best just to let them get on with it.

I’ll worry about the lawn when the boys have left home – as a coach you should be out in your back garden trying the drills and exercises you read about in Better Soccer Coaching. It’s much easier if you can show your players how they work rather than trying to explain it.

You can also tell them to get in the garden themselves just like this boy in the video:

David Beckham coaches Snoop Dogg’s children

Well I guess if you’ve got the money you may as well get David Beckham to coach your kids. That’s what Snoop Dogg did. If you watch the video Becks is trying to get them to use both feet, but you’d think the superstar would have a few different coaching tricks up his sleeve other than running through sticks and trying free-kicks.

If you’re reading this Becks there’s plenty of tips and ideas in Better Soccer Coaching you could use in your academies… In fact there’s a whole load of coaches on here that could help you out!

It’s kind of nice though to spend a day just kicking a ball around, and messing about with a rapper.

The singers three kids: sons Corde, 13, and Cordell, 10, and daughter Cori, eight, insisted on meeting the soccer star after they came to know that their father knew him.



In return, Snoop took Becks to his favourite restaurant, Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n’ Waffles.

Coaching first touch is vital for player development

You should be doing some work on first touch with your players at every single training session.

As they develop you would hope by U15 they had excellent first touch with both their feet – I wish! The only way you are going to get this is if you coach your players from an early age.

Yes they will get bored with the same old training sessions – so change it every week. Better Soccer Coaching has some brilliant first touch coaching sessions for you to use.

And check this out, this is a great coaching session for first touch: