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David Beckham coaches Snoop Dogg’s children

Well I guess if you’ve got the money you may as well get David Beckham to coach your kids. That’s what Snoop Dogg did. If you watch the video Becks is trying to get them to use both feet, but you’d think the superstar would have a few different coaching tricks up his sleeve other than running through sticks and trying free-kicks.

If you’re reading this Becks there’s plenty of tips and ideas in Better Soccer Coaching you could use in your academies… In fact there’s a whole load of coaches on here that could help you out!

It’s kind of nice though to spend a day just kicking a ball around, and messing about with a rapper.

The singers three kids: sons Corde, 13, and Cordell, 10, and daughter Cori, eight, insisted on meeting the soccer star after they came to know that their father knew him.



In return, Snoop took Becks to his favourite restaurant, Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n’ Waffles.


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