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Practice your free-kicks like Frank Lampard

I once paid a visit to the ground of Chelsea, Stamford Bridge, to have a look around. I was lucky enough to witness Frank Lampard with his trainer on the Stamford Bridge pitch.

He was standing with his back to goal, and the trainer was feeding the ball in behind him. On his shout of “turn” Lampard turned and shot at the goal.

At first he was hitting the ball miles past the post or over the bar, but after a while he was turning and hitting both corners. When I looked out of the window an hour later he was still doing it.

I write a lot for Better Soccer Coaching about putting in time at practice sessions, and there was Frank Lampard doing just what I was writing about.

Watch this video for a good way to get your players practicing shooting into the top corners of the net:


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Frank Lampard reached his best ever goal tally for a season and he’s supposed to having a bad one.

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