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Deadline day: Will Manchester become step-over central?

Robinho has left Real Madrid for Manchester City! Wow what a transfer deadline day that was. The richest club in the world? Could be. But one thing is for sure Ronaldo the step over king will now have some competition from another master of the art in Robinho.

Both players in Manchester – could be the start of another phase in the battle between the two teams.

The whole of Europe and South America will be watching with interest – one thing though, does he know how cold and wet it is in Manchester? No doubt he will soon find out.

Here’s a taste of what is to come.


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I heard Robinho cried when he was told he was going to City, and I, for one, feel sorry for him. I wonder how Vidic would react to the same news!

Comment by AF

I heard the other way around – he cried to the manager of Real to beg for allowing him to leave.

Comment by KZ

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