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Loadsamoney chairmen changing the face of English soccer

Do you know what, I have never felt the need to walk out because my chairman wouldn’t allow me to get Darren Dribbler from Albury U6s and made me have Barry Blaster from Tadworth instead.

I worry that the world of soccer is changing so very much with the influx of loadsamoney chairman who buy players and then tell the manager they’ve bought him.

This week has seen both Kevin Keegan and Alan Curbishley resign because they felt they were not in charge of their teams.

And I have to say I sympathise. I would hate to turn up to training and find someone other than myself had signed up players to play in the team I was coaching.

But then my chairman doesn’t invest heaps of money just to get us top of the table – we do that with team work and good tactics.

I have recently watched a very old club in the area stop playing at U16, not because of a lack of money but because one of the dads of a player on the team spread it about that he was taking the best players to form a new team with the aim of winning the league. Of course the majority of players wanted to be a part of that “winning philosophy” so there were too few players for that team to continue. I’m watching his team with interest to see what happens if they lose a few games.

It would seem the values of the English Premiership have permeated into the youth leagues of Surrey.


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