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Soccer women in ‘sexy’ kit – short skirts and tight tops

 I’m sure there were many in the women’s game who raised their eyes to the heavens when they heard this one. It reminds me of the statement by FIFA President Sepp Blatter that women should wear tighter shorts in soccer to attract more investment – a statement ridiculed by people in the women’s game.

So what will they make of this I wonder. 

Dutch women’s side FC de Rakt say their new ‘sexy kits’ are not a publicity stunt. The launch of the new kit – short skirts and tight tops – has seen a huge surge in interest in the team. They were all over the news last week.

Captain Rinske Temming says “It’s just a practical kit. Many girls have long wanted to play in skirts. We’ve opened the game for them.”

Here at Better Soccer Coaching the words exploitation, women’s lib and beach volleyball have all been muttered. Although I did note that Ronaldo sat without a shirt on for a good few minutes before he put on his strip for the Manchester United game against Chelsea…

See for yourself what the kits look like:


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I was expecting tight mini skirts with tube tops the way this topic has been discussed in some circles. However it is athletic and looks very much like a tennis kit. Whats the big deal? If the players think it works, then let them wear it.

Comment by Prasanna

Here in the United States women for some reason have taken to wearing little pieces of what resembles shorts slightly longer then underwear (panties) during indoor volleyball matches. Also they (mostly 15-21 year olds) are sometimes allowed to practice in a training bra with possibly a little see trough tank top over it. This is acceptable for soccer, volleyball, and possibly other sports that I haven’t been around. I see it as disgusting and a unwelcome invitation to the human anatomy. These Uniforms from the Dutch woman don’t seem to be offensive nor show too much skin or what have you. I suppose I see it as acceptable but it could be that I’m lowering my standards here in Yankee country and am delighted to see a uniform that doesn’t show so much skin that one is left wondering if you’re at a soccer (futbol) match or a burlesque show.

Comment by Louis

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