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Manchester Utd’s Ronaldo is faking it again

Oh come on Cristiano! 

I’ve just watched a great game of football with Everton taking on Manchester United. Phil Neville keen to show his ex-Man Utd colleagues what they are missing has just done a great ball winning challenge to take the ball off Ronaldo’s foot only to see him rolling over and over like he’s been shot!

It’s cheating. In fast motion I thought Ronaldo had taken a serious hit – a broken leg, arm or at worst a torn stomach muscle. Nope. Nothing wrong. In slow motion Ronaldo was hardly touched. Phil Neville was booked.


Earlier this week I was watching a video of Ronaldo helping coach kids at the Manchester United academy. He was great, showing them how to use both feet to control the ball. That’s what you want to see in a wonderfully gifted player, someone passing the skills on. Those same kids will see him rolling over and over and over and come Saturday they will be just as keen to roll over and over as they are to use both feet to control the ball.

I know which I prefer to see, although watching Ronaldo rolling over and over is rather amusing.

Here he is showing young kids how to control a ball… anyone got a link to Ronaldo rolling over and over?


You’ve got to see this – FIFA Futsal World Cup

The 2008 FIFA Futsal World Cup in Brazil is compulsive viewing – I can’t drag myself away from the highlights that have been on Sky all day.

You should watch it and try and get your players to watch it too. Tell them it’s a bit like PlayStation 3 soccer matches – the matches run until October 19th the date of the final.

If you’ve never seen futsal before let me assure you it’s very exciting. It’s basically five a side football, on a small, hard-surface court with a smaller, heavier ball that has a very low bounce and there are kick-ins instead of throw-ins. It is such a fast, skilful game that I’m sure it will gain hugely in popularity.

The big name to watch at the 2008 tournament is Brazil’s legendary Falcao. He’s widely recognized as the best futsal player in the world, but has yet to win the Futsal World Cup.

Spain however has been setting the tournament alight so watch out for them. The skills on display are outstanding and there are some great goals. If I could have youth soccer look like anything on a Saturday morning it would be this.

You can watch it live on the FIFA website or see highlights on Sky.

The teams involved include: USA, Italy, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, China, and the Czech Republic so there’s a lot of traditional soccer countries there.

Take a look for youself with this clip: