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Why playmakers like Zidane need support

Zinedine Zidane was one of the best playmakers I have ever had the good fortune to see, but he would have been nothing without the world’s best support players.

I am constantly having to remind my young players that they cannot just give great passes they need to pass and then support the pass. If you beat a couple of players and then pass the ball into the box, if no one is in there the brilliant move has no end product – it has no teeth.

So support is vital, support on the ball and support off it.

Watch these clips of Zidane the playmaker – but take note of how often one or even two players are in support. They know what he can do so they get into the positions to finish the moves off.

Tell your players they must always support your playmakers it will add an end product to the great moves they make.


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Hi. Definitely agree with that. Kaka against Portsmouth showed he required better support especially as they had three defensive midfielders and one striker that plays on the shoulder he had practically no support and was subsequently subbed. I was also trying to get the same point about Fabregas getting a lack of support through movement and the same for Van Persie. He is not a playmaker as such but when he drops into the hole effectively becomes one for that phase. People say the guy is overrated, I say he lacks support especially this season.

Comment by The Brain

Yes I agree, if you watch Zidane he often has a second player in support so that if his pass is slightly off it goes through to the second player who scores. I think you also see this with wing backs – the ones who good support in front of them from a hard working winger usually look much better players than the ones with lazy midfielders in front of them. Just watching Arsenal play Chelsea – Arsenal would have scored first if the attack had been followed up once Cech had pushed the first shot away. only Gallas was supporting and it went past him but the penalty area had no other Arsenal players in support.

Comment by admin

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