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When Gordon Ramsey was given the F-word at Glasgow Rangers

It is never easy telling someone they haven’t made the grade. A young player I had was scouted by a big club –  he came back a year later, dejected, he hadn’t made it. He was never the same player again, all his confidence had gone. His dad told me that at the end of the season the club coach shouted to the boys to listen out and if their name was called they were staying – if it wasn’t… well goodbye.

That was it. No one talked to him about it or even why he hadn’t made the grade.

In this clip of Gordon Ramsey he talks about how he was scouted by Glasgow Rangers and was in the same youth team as Ally McCoist. Ramsey thought he would make it but was told he was no longer wanted by Rangers.

You can tell Ramsey remembers the feeling when they got rid of him, and talks about how his third Michelin star finally made up for that bad feeling – some kids don’t go on to recover.

It’s always a good thing to remember how young players can be on a high or low depending how you treat them – sitting on the bench every match does nothing for a youngsters’ confidence.

Hopefully you won’t have the job of telling anyone they are no longer needed. As Gordon Ramsey found out being given the F-word is something that stays with you for a very long time.

Watch the clip – PARENTAL GUIDANCE WARNING THIS CLIP CONTAINS THE ODD SWEAR WORD- he talks about not being wanted by Rangers about a quarter of the way through and there’s a very nice chicken dish at the end!:


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Always a interested fan of reading about the old firm, many thanks! Blues fan.

Comment by Steven

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