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Little ears are always listening and sarcasm doesn’t exist in their world
November 26, 2008, 1:12 pm
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A word of warning to all coaches out there. Watch what you say when little ears are in the back of the car. Whatever you say will be taken down and used in evidence.

So when your son and his friends are coming back with you from the game in the back seat of the car keep your lips zipped. They hear everything and usually interpret it slightly differently from you. You may still be buzzing with irritation from what went on, they will have forgotten it almost straight away, so things said in the heat of the moment are fact to them.

I once had a parent ring me up to say her son was upset because he was going to have to play in goal for a month…. now which away match did I mutter that at…


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So true, and not just on the way home from games either!

My son rode home with a coach once and she was really upset about the way the game was called, he can still remember how much she hated ref’s because of it. And she didn’t-it was just that one game and a bunch of bad calls that gave the boys that impression.

It is really had to teach your son to respect officials when their other leaders don’t.

Comment by Molly

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