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A disallowed goal from a freekick – can you see why?

dcHere’s one for all you budding coaches out there. Watch this clip and tell me why the referee disallows the goal.

There is an outrageous backpass to the goalkeeper who has to handle the ball, giving away a freekick. The opposition take it quickly and score. The referee, much to the annoyance of the manager, disallows it.

Can you tell me why?


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Free kick award was indirect, therefore, attacker cannot shoot directly into goal.

Comment by Shawkido

That didn’t take long did it!

Comment by admin

Because it is an indirect freekick, needs to be touched by two players before a goal can be scored.

Comment by Anthony

Yes it was indirect!!!! But also the kick was taken from the wrong position.

Comment by judd

I am a referee. The freekick given is indirect and the correct restart is a goal kick not a retaken freekick

Comment by Mark Burford

It is a indirect free kick. The ball needs to be touched by 2 players before they can score.

Comment by EDDIE O

First the kick was indirect and second the goalie
had his hand up wanting to set up a wall.

Comment by gennaro

I am a coach. An indirect kick has to be played by at least two players.

Comment by Jerry Massaquoi

Not only is it an idirect kick, but that’s not where the infraction occurred, if you look at the video the keeper handles the ball on top of the 6yd box.

Comment by fernando

An “in-direct” free kick should be awarded and to be taken from where the offence took place which in this case was on the edge of the 6yd area and not from where the attacker had taken the quick shot from. Very quick thinking from the attacker though. Most free kicks in and around the box will be taken to the referee’s whistle.

Comment by Bob Burgwin

It is and indirect kik, thats why

Comment by Hector Ortega

Why wasn’t the goal keeper booked for unsporting behavoiur – preventing goal being scored from the back pass. (Cannot be sent off because he is allowed to handle the ball in the penelty area). The ref would need to stop play to administer the caution. If this was the case then the indirect free kick needs to be retaken. If not then the restart is a goal kick because the ball was not touched by 2 players.

Comment by Mark Burford

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