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Building your team around statistics

Statistics can be seen as a dirty word in youth soccer, but I often find them quite useful during a season to see which of your players are coming out on top.

What I do is to set up a parent with a clip board with a grid drawn on it and boxes to tick. It has players’ names down one side and across the top I write: Good Pass; Winning Tackle; Losing Tackle; Shot; Goal; Assist. The parent ticks boxes as players complete the tasks. Obviously this isn’t going to include your goalkeeper, but after the game you can often see results you didn’t expect.

You even build your team and your players’ positions around the different areas the statistics have shown that players excel at.

It’s just an exercise though and the team formation that statistics say will be the best isn’t always the best – but it is interesting and your players will see it as something to aim for during games where you use them.

The top teams also use them. When John Carver was at Leeds United in the UK he first discovered a way of using them to help the team. He is now Head Coach with Toronto FC in the MLS. 

Click below to watch this clip of John at Toronto using the system to find out about his own players and he uses them to find out about his opponents too.

John Carver on statistics


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