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How to get your goalkeeper reading penalties

dc1I always feel sorry for the goalkeeper when penalties are scored. So I spend time working with my keeper so he has a chance when the penalty is taken.

Here are my five top tips for goalkeepers to read penalties and a clip showing the best penalty save ever…:

1. Tell your players to watch the penalty taker’s eyes and body shape. Before young players shoot they often look at the corner they are going to hit the ball.

2. They must also watch the player’s approach. A very wide approach often indicates the shooter is going towards the opposite corner. A straight-on approach gives fewer clues.

3. Get your players to watch the plant foot. The ball often goes where the plant foot points.

4. And then the hips. The ball goes where the hips point. A “push pass” shot will require the hips to open up in the direction the ball is going.

5. Even the head. If junior penalty takers often drop their heads low and have a big pull-back of the leg — expect a cross-body shot. If the head stays up he’s going for the opposite corner.

And here’s the reason why you should always watch the ball:


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shooter can’t touch ball again unless is touched by goalie, thus giving the goalie an indirect kick in his favor.

Comment by Juanelo

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