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The goal from this corner should have been given

I love this corner – very clever and something to think about for our youth teams.

My only worry about using it is that if an official at a top premiership game can disallow the goal for not taking the corner correctly what will an official at a youth game do?

Watch the clip. In the Manchester United v Chelsea game on Sunday, Rooney walks to the corner  – plays the ball – but it looks to the opposition like he has just left the ball for someone else to take the corner. Ryan Giggs goes over and then accelerates away with the ball, crosses it and Ronaldo scores. The Chelsea players just stand and watch. Clever.

But the linesman flags for the ball not being played from the correct place even though it had.

How annoying that the players try something different, and score a goal only for a linesman to flag for a foul corner. Too clever. Where Rooney fell down was that he should have said something to the linesman as he played it.


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if the chelsea defender (Ashley Cole already on 1 yellow card) had run over to the ball after Rooney had rolled the ball out of the cornre segment and kicked it up field. Rooney and Giggs would have denied taking the corner thus forcing the Ref to send of Cole. This would always leave ambiguity to whether the kick had been taken or not.

Comment by Ian Hardwick

I don’t like this play at 12 years of age or 32 years of age. It is impossible for the opposition to know if the ball came to a complete stop or even entered the corner area. At first I thought Rooney just flicked it back without stopping it, but in slow motion I can see that it was legal, but from 20 yards away it would be impossible to see. I think it is nonsense.

Comment by Tom Wagar

As a Chelsea fan I hate it as a coach I love it I would never coach it simply because it does seem a little un sporting but thats the difference between amateur and professional football I suppose?

Comment by David

It looks like a legal play, the only thing that I observe being wrong is that he did not put the ball to c complete stop, and take his foot and touch, he kept his foot upon theball.

Comment by sturgeon martin

We’ve used this trick in small-sided games from under 8’s…..
Its a legal ploy and teaches your players to be observant and not switch-oof when the ball goes out of play.

Comment by simonp

I agree with David. Rooney did not need to tell the Assistant but should off taken his foot off the ball to prove it was stationary.
The referee or assistant do not need to give a signal to restart play at a corner, so a quick kick is OK.
We debated this at a Referees meeting recently, answers ranged from yellow card for unsporting behaviour (a little excessive in my opinion) to allow the goal to stand. The main points were was the ball stationary and did Rooney ‘kick’ the ball. A player gets away rolling the ball with sole of the boot at other restarts that require the ball to be kicked, so that was OK, but could the referee and assistant be sure the ball was stationary. In truth they were also caught out.

Comment by Mark Burford

I think its great to see innovation, however, I have reservations about this one. I’ve actually came across this several times in youth football where the players and coach make a great fuss about the player at the corner flag leaving it for someone else to take. But, the original player has “secretly” taken the corner as they “apparently” run away and “leave it” for the other player to come over to take, but, who in fact runs over and takes the ball into play as the Man U play. One post suggests its good for player awareness, but, we are well aware of it, and as another post commented, when we see “he’s taken it!” and our defender(s) runs over first to get the ball the opposition simply claim they never took it and the referee gives them the corner again! Denying that they took it, is to my mind cheating, indeed the nature of “secretly” taking the corner in the first place could be construed as Ungentlemanly Conduct”, as, for example, nowadays, it is no longer allowable at a penalty, for one player to place the ball on the penalty spot, take a long walk back out of the “D” and then for a different player to run in and take the penalty. That is, the player taking the penalty must be clearly identified in advance – should be the same for a corner kick I think to avoid any confusion and arguement about it!

Comment by Shawkido

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