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Get your players to be like Barcelona’s Messi
January 19, 2009, 8:20 pm
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dc1I think in the future when they talk about the greatest players in the world they will talk about Lionel Messi at Barcelona.

At the moment the world has gone mad for Kaka with cash in the region of €130m being spoken of. But what about Messi. He is outstanding and when you look at the clip below you will see what I mean. So what is he worth?

Messi attacks the space that opens up around him. He drives into it with the ball at his mercy. He is all power and skill bursting into areas that defenders cannot protect.

If you want to create the next Messi your players must have the ball stuck to their feet for every waking hour.

They need to dribble the ball with each step of the foot when you’re walking, jogging, or sprinting with the ball. This way they develop close control and can cut the ball away from defenders when you need to.

His change of pace is outstanding. And that is one of his secrets, he starts slowly and then he bursts past them with speed. And he will cut the ball in either direction, to the inside or to the outside.

To get your players like Messi you have to get them to:

Run and run with the ball in the garden, the park, on the way to school or along the pavement when they are going to the shops.

Touch the ball with each step when they dribble.

Practice changing pace from slow to quick and back to slow.

Play one and two touch they don’t always need to dribble.

Keep their body between the ball and opponent.

Don’t give up if they lose the ball – win it back.

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I was wondering what your favourite, and most useful soccer drills were…?



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