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Don’t overcomplicate your coaching

Sometimes I think coaches can overcomplicate coaching sessions and warm-ups with young players.

Complicated pass, move around one cone then around another, up to the goal line…. you know the kind of drills I mean, just to get across a coaching point. And the same with warm-ups before a game – I’ve seen coaches spend 10 minutes describing and explaining the drill just to warm-up players.

Often what young players need are simple left foot/right foot passing moves. If you watch these clips of Liverpool training and Arsenal warming-up they show you how simple it all can be.

There are no complicated moves here, just simple left foot/right foot, jumping, running and passing.

It always serves as a good reminder of what young players need to accelerate their soccer education to check out what the big boys are doing.

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Is been verry powrfull instrument in this page and my opinion about is verry simple. To be suxesufull coach is to play your game so simple like the air you brithing. For one word i like to have my team comlite as Selesao Brasil.

Comment by Niko

when you see the pro’s doing it the simple way is alot more realistic than just reading it.even though its printed seeing is believing

Comment by john farrell jr

great!!! you guys help me be a better coach thank so much.
aloha mary

Comment by mary

I love futball. Your ideas are helping me a lot, I like good futball, so I like Liverpool, Man.Utd. and Arsenal, all in red. At the moment, you have the best league of the three continents.
I`m Mexican, thanks so much.

Comment by Ismael

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