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Should this have been a red card?

Fouls and red cards have been in the news these last couple of weeks in the English Premier League.

Frank Lampard for Chelsea and Rory Delap for Stoke both got red card – one for dangerous play, and one for kicking the ball at an opponent when he was on the floor.

The problem is should we now have a video referee for these sendings off so that it is fair to all players? After all Frank Lampard going off helped Liverpool to beat Chelsea – it shouldn’t have been a red card so why should the whole team and its supporters suffer?

However, in the same game Jose Bosingwa actually kicks Yossi Benayoun in the back but the card wasn’t shown. Red for a player winning the ball but not for a deliberate kick… hmmm something wrong here.

Have a look at this, should it have been a red card?

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more referees might be required.

Comment by free nba picks

If you look at the AR he is looking down at the ball and probably did not notice the foot in the back. However this does not explain why it was mentioned in the referees report and therefore why the FA could take no further action
I premiership AR (not involved in this game)commented that you are either looking down at ground level or high at head level, very rare do you look at the body especially when you are that close

Comment by Mark Burford

Jose B. should have been red carded. What was the RF looking at?

Comment by Ernie

i don’t think he should be red carded. firstly, if you looked carefully, the AR is looking at the ball, not the body of the players, and i think that Benayoun should deserve that kick at his back as chelsea should not have lost the game due to a red card that should not be given.

Comment by nick

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