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Watch this old Umbro soccer coaching video…. UPDATED

dc1UPDATED Anyone who loved soccer in England in the eighties and nineties had better take a look at this old Umbro soccer coaching video I have stumbled across.

It features some of the greats – Eric Cantona, Alan Shearer, Peter Beardsley, Terry Venables, Andy Cole, Gazza you name it they are all in this coaching video.

It is split into 8 sections for coaching. I didn’t learn anything from it.

UPDATE: Ok so looking at it again a couple of times I agree with all of you who have contacted me over this…. Yes you could make up a good 30 minute session of coaching from the stuff on here. And if you look beyond the Umbro advertising comments there are some good sentiments… and yes the advert at the beginning of this is good!!

See what you think:

 Soccer Skills and Drills


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It has elements that seem dated however picking certain parts from it adapting them down to the junior game it has its place? I certainly could build a good 30-40min session for ages upto 15 from elements from here.
By reducing the field down to “box work” allows players time to get body shape correct to be able to view others. Where as a small sided game we are encouraging movement and not allowing players to see the bigger picture.
To say “I learnt nothing from it” shows a CLOSED mind to training. It is all about having the forsight and intelligence to ADAPT. If you cannot adapt your training you are lost and not thinking round problems??

Comment by David

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Comment by certificate

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