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Coaches, managers, players – just relax

dc1I heard a great phrase this weekend and it came from the lips of our goalkeeper.

We had been involved in a tough game, and found ourselves 3-2 down having been 1-0 and then 2-1 up. But with 10 minutes to go we scored a great goal to level things.

The boys were supercharged with energy and were going gung ho for a win. However this left us opened up a the back and our opponents got through three times only to see our goalkeeper defend brilliantly.

“Guys, guys,” he shouted, “just relax!”

What a great thing to shout, I thought, he’s absolutely right, we should all just relax. And then he shouted it again, “relax, Josh just relax.”

We played the last few minutes in complete control and should have won it but the chance went over the bar.

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Hey great blog– I think you have a lot of great content and I really liked the top soccer songs.

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