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Teaching young players to dummy before shooting

There are some fantastic attacking players around these days. They can make even the best defenders go the wrong way with a dummy move that gives them space to get off a shot at goal.

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo and he is always selling dummies and finding space where he shouldn’t. I watched Zlatan Ibrahimovic playing for Inter Milan a couple of weeks ago against AC Milan. He was moving and changing direction to put off the defenders.

So how do you go about coaching young players to grow into the boots of these players? It’s all about practice and allowing them to look clumsy as they do it. It isn’t easy because young players can find it difficult to do these sorts of skills, so you have to try, try and try again.

I like this clip of an Australian coach showing his players how to dummy and shoot. It gives you a clue as to how you should be doing it and what to expect.

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Good drill, interesting to see the ages of the Children he was working with. Would like to see drills with Under 10’s, 12’s, 13’s etc also.

Comment by Tom Egan

For U9 and younger, I avoid drills that keep the rest of the team waiting in line. I did like the striking exercise done at the end of the video. I may try that with my kids doing it in pairs.

Comment by Chip K.

the pedagogical progression of the exercise is very good.

Here in africa we have many natural plays that also takes a young player to that that progression, but our footballers don’t like corrections .in africa you don’t teach a footballer how to dribble. It comes naturally because of our enviroment and the way we play. Our footballers don’t shoot because of the crowd prefers to see dribblers.

Comment by ernest agbor

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