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Rainbow kicks make you look good

dc1Some skills are done just to make you look like you are the best soccer player in your team – or like a Brazilian player!

My favourite one that I used to do all the time as a young player was the rainbow kick. It is usually used in street soccer, but you can use it in matches although it doesn’t have a high success rate so you have to practise it a lot before you can make it work.

You can use it to catch a defender out – the player steps over the ball and flicks it up and over their head in an arc. he trick is usually performed while running forward with the ball, and is done by rolling the ball up the back of one leg with the other foot, before flicking the standing foot upwards to propel the ball forward and over the head.

It was famously used by Ossie Ardiles in the film The Great Escape.

What you trying to do is flick the ball over your head and that of the defender opening up a route to goal. Watch this and see how you can coach your players to use it…

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I think you mean Escape To Victory rather than The Great Escape.

Ossie Ardiles is cool, but Cooler King he ain’t.

Keep up the good work.


Comment by Carl Dean

The movie was titled “Victory” starring Sylvestor Stalone and Pele as prisoners of war in a camp of various nationalities. The prisoners formed a team (keeper-Stalone) to play the German National team. I taped the movie in the 1980’s and still watch it for excitement.

Comment by Len Pasquini

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