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Save the shot or the car gets it

dc1Okay I’ve seen some training sessions in my time but the coach of the Bahrain national team has got one of the craziest.

Shot saving is of course important and you need a good goalkeeper with excellent reflexes at all levels of the game. Coaching reflex saves often involves the goalkeeper moving in a coned of area around 8 yards square with four players trying to get the ball to each other through the cones. I’ve covered reflex saves a lot in my publication Soccer Coach Weekly.

But the Bahrain coach has his own ideas. It involves using his glossy high performance jet black range rover with security windows, a line of players ready to shoot at it and a goalkeeper who must not let the ball hit the car.

Nice idea and it seems to work – although I won’t be parking my 1972 Alfa Romeo Bertone Coupe on the pitch and letting my boys shoot at it any time soon.

Watch it for yourselves…

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It’s probably the keeper’s car!

Comment by Carl Dean

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