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You won’t win if you humiliate your players

dc1I was at an U17s game this weekend and boy the air was blue. Everyone was shouting and it seemed to me no one was having a particularly good time.

At half time the coach I was watching just shouted at his players. I cannot believe anyone benefits from actions like this. Humiliating players in front of their team mates is totally wrong and cannot have the positive effect the team needs.

We all feel like shouting sometimes and we all feel frustrated but we must not pass this onto our players because all it will do is frighten them and leave them feeling bad about themselves – which is against everything we believe in and aim to achieve.

In the English Premier League the Hull manager Phil Brown was someone I had a lot of time for until he kept his players out on the pitch and humiliated them with a half time team talk in front of the crowd.

4-0 down at half time he felt it was a positive thing to take his team in front of their own supporters and give them a dressing down. 4-0 became 5-1 but the rest of the season has been a shambles for Hull – I wonder why.

I can remember being 4-0 down playing away from home. We won 6-5. There was no shouting or humiliating at half time – in fact we all had a smile at the blatant penalty we were not given. We felt good about each other and the slope of the pitch and the wind was in our favour in the second half. Be positive not negative when you talk to your players.

Here’s a clip of Phil with his team just click the link below and watch him go.

Phil Brown Half-time Team Talk on the Pitch

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