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What do coaches eat on match day mornings?

dc1On match day mornings I get as nervous as the players. I usually grab a coffee and eat a banana – I spend the rest of my time hurrying my boys along making sure they eat properly.

I find your mouth gets dry and you need water to hydrate you, just like the players – plus the fact that the Latte Grande I’ve drunk will not help hydrate me.

Bananas are great especially if you are not feeling hungry due to pre-match nerves. And they are good for energy. I usually put a pack of mars bars in my coaching bag for after the match when hungry boys start rooting around for something to eat.

I’m always hungry after the match especially if the team has played well. I’m hoping to compile a list of the top ten eats on match day morning so can you leave comments on what you eat please.

Here’ a bit of advice for all those playing in tournaments this summer, and advice in general for what players should eat and drink on match days:

 Soccer Skills and Drills


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