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Simple warm-ups for very young players

dc1Simple warm ups for very young players need to be just that – simple.

You need to get your players concentrating on the actual matter in hand – soccer.

Sometimes you turn up to a match late and you just need to get a bit of organization going.

Simple can often be best especially with young players. But you could also try something different to impress the opposition. The first clip here shows you the simple way to warm up, the second clip is an impressive show of team solidarity and if you can get your players into the rhythm it will look great!

I haven’t tried the clapping warm up yet because I bet it takes some doing. I’m going to try it because I think it is a great way to warm up and get team spirit going. If anyone else does it please let me know how successful you were.


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My daughters 15 year old team have been doing various versions of the clapping warm up for the last few of years. It”s really quite an easy warm up and is based on “follow the leader” game which most kids know how to do.
One of the two front players calls out what they are going to do. e.g thighs then they lead off the rest with a clap, clap, slap slap then everyone else just follows their lead. It’s always done with two rows of players and they turn to the outside at a set point and run back to starting line to begin the next routine.

The girls really enjoy it and it does look impressive and sometimes even a bit intimidating when they are warming up before a match. (I’ve even seen other teams stop their own warmup to watch).


Comment by Cathy Robertson

Thanks Cathy

Yes i does look impressive I shall be building that into my routine!

Comment by admin

man this is good stuff. I’m sure my boys will like this

Comment by orinthia

Ya, this warm up exercises express the n’joyment as coordination activities an synchronize movements within the group. What matters most is the preparation of the body n physical preparation in the warm up sessions.

Comment by Fisol

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