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Five words for a coach to think about

The cornerstone to success is not just hard work, it is relevant hard work, not working for the sake of it. Thousands of press-ups or lots of passing drills won’t create a winning team. Each unit of training needs to be focused on moving the player and team forward. A good coach can create a good work ethic which includes players understanding the benefits of their work and why it makes a difference.

2. Loyalty
Are you loyal to your own values and goals? Compromise those and it is difficult to inspire loyalty in others.

3. Cooperation
To have a team that cooperates is to have a leader who listens. Good cooperation starts from the top.

4. Enthusiasm
Energy, enjoyment, drive and dedication. These will stimulate your players and help inspire them.

The power of friendship is important for binding teams together. You are going to create an environment of mutual respect and comradeship. It is not about affection, but building goodwill where each person will go a little further for another team mate. The way this environment develops come, inevitably, from the way you treat the players. Show them respect and take time to work for each individually.

Even the best teams in the world need to be friends – watch this video of English Premier League Champions Manchester Utd players Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson having a laugh together putting off Hargreaves when he is being interviewed.

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No matter what age group you’re coaching I believe Friendship is the most important hands down. Great post we share similar coaching values.

Comment by Thomas

Keep up good job

Comment by David Njoroge

those five words should consider by all coaches to motivate their players to work harder and do the best that they can be in order to win their games.

Comment by Philippine Spports Today

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