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Your players will laugh at your touchline antics

DavidClarkeIt was funny this weekend watching the antics of the coaches. It started with Fabio Capello’s fury in the first 40 minutes of the World Cup qualifier between Kazakhstan and England.

Capello is well known for his touchline antics, and this match was no exception. His angry persona was well summed up by him throwing his oarms about in a mobile dug-out on the running track around the Almaty Stadium.

The next day I went to a tournament and saw all around me coaches on the touchline imitating Capello. But the funniest part was after one coach has ranted at his team for losing a game then storming off in search of a bacon sandwich, one of the boys did a rather good impression of his antics which had the rest of the players laughing their heads off.

It isn’t just the young players that do this. When Antonio Cassano was playing for Real Madrid he fell out with Capello. I found a great clip of Cassano imitating Capello in front of his team mates – and another clip of an Italian impressionist Davide Pratelli doing the same thing. You can be sure your players will do the same about you if you lose your temper on the touchline.

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