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Cantona helps you coach the uncoachable

DavidClarke1Young players are always making decisions on the pitch, some simple like putting one foot in front of the other to move. Some are instinctive yet they have been practiced many times. As a coach I am constantly coaching my players to run, pass, receive and move, simple things yet I am always seeking to get them to run faster, pass better, receive better and make better movement.

The same can be said if you are lucky enough to be coaching those innovative and creative players who stand out on the pitch.

I was reminded of this by the release of the film Looking for Eric, about one of the greatest mavericks of them all. Yet the thing about Eric Cantona was that he brought a new era of training to the English game. He used to practice all those touches and moments of brilliance. Every night he would go out onto the training pitch just like he did when he was a young player and went into his back garden, and throw the ball up a 100 times and trap it with left foot then right foot until he could control the ball first time, every time.

One of the skills of a coach is to get the best of their players by coaching the right techniques. Then advance their knowledge by helping them to make the right decisions in the time they have in situations on the pitch. You will have some players who have the ability to see all of their options and chose the right one in a very short space of time.

A good way to coach this is to set up drills where there is more than one right option. You can walk playes through exercises and techniques and increase the pressure slowly so they can get used to the techniques and skills you are coaching and use them in matches.

While I was looking at clips of Eric Cantona to show his technique I came across this old Nike video where Cantona, Ian Wright, Maldini, Del Piero, the old Ronaldo, take on the devil’s team and Cantona dispatches the ball into the net with an “Au revoir”. It is one of my favourite Nike ads so I thought I would share it with you.

I have also put up a couple of clips of Cantona in action showing superb technique in scoring a goal.

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Love Cantona video….the english version (also found on YOUTUBE has the intro by Christoper Lee) but my favorite Cantona strike has to be this one:

Comment by Moises Ramirez (MightiMo)

coaching is a great things but at the same time it is very tough job to go through.As a coach You have to always give a better techniques to your players to stand out at the field and bring happiness to the team

Comment by sanju

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