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Games can bring innovation into your coaching

DavidClarke1I can remember going along to training when I was young and all we did was run laps around a field or wait in lines to dribble through some conesbefore shooting and being shouted out by a coach hassled by a bunch of bored kids.

One of the best ways to get children to learn soccer is to use games that they find fun and creative. It is a simple fun way to improve skills and to make sure the children come back to your training sessions again and again.

You and the children are getting a higher level of energy, focus and attention – in other words they are learning the game without realizing it.

You probably know the game soccer golf because I’ve featured it in my Better Soccer Coaching newsletter, but I found an another version! Okay I know soccer players are on the golf course all the time but not like this. Watching this clip of FC Dallas players on a proper golf course using a soccer ball made me realize that games are not just for the very young.

We all love a bit of innovation and the challenge that games throw up.

Now I wonder if I could take a bunch of kids to my local golf course and get permission to boot a few balls down the fairway….

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brilliant idea. similar to football cricket which more players are involved.

Comment by eke eme

Hey Coach, i could not agree more! it is very tough to get your kids in shape to play soccer and work on soccer skills, when you have only about 2-3 hours a week of practice time! I try to work it in with small-side games. Coachraider!!!

Comment by cary g nelson

very interesting practice..i usually use football tennis for the same effect but this`ll also give an added fun to our training schedule.
tks a lot.

Comment by ahmet

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