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Coach loses temper and punches the referee

DavidClarke1I’ve just been to a tournament today and seen all sorts of behaviour. Last week I was pleasantly surprised by how competitive but happy the tournament was. This week I was brought back down to earth by the behaviour of some of the coaches towards the referees.

It’s easy to criticize them – I was left dumbfounded over the match we played where the tournament organizers were playing against us and they hit a shot that hit the post and went past the goal but the referee said it had gone through the net. We bit our tongues.

Referees are human – they get it wrong sometimes and you have to accept it but today there were three occasions where the manager of the teams playing the tournaments went crazy for something really simple like the referee awarding throw-ins against their teams.

There are some coaches out there who ruin it for the likes of you and I.

Watch this clip of Brazilian coach Pedro Santilli losing his temper and punching the referee. Make sure you don’t resort to this kind of behaviour!

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It’s a shame that the footage didn’t show the coach being red-carded (altho’ it looks like he might have been locked up!). Personally, I believe that the answer to overly-aggressive coaching (towards players, officials, referees etc) lies with the way that qualified coaches are viewed, treated and supported by our national FA. This is not necessarily a criticism of our FA but since they set the standards for youth and mini-soccer to which all decent-minded coaches aspire, then they hold the answers. The FA through it’s local FAs should empower qualified coaches and provide as much support as possible.

Comment by Logie

and we wonder why we are having so many problems with referee disrespect/abuse. This idiot should be fined(heavily)suspended(a long time), and should face assault charges. Not sure what would happen in the NFL, or NBA, but I suspect all of the above and then some. In all of these pro leagues, merely making contact with an official results in an immediate ejection. They need to stop all the theatrics as well. Automatic yellow for all the flopping(view the blue player after the coach throws a weak shoulder at him). Automatic yellow for anything but a polite request for explanation to the officials(see NBA), and BIG fines for the player, coach, and club. One of the reasons so many Americans don’t watch/like soccer is the belief(rightfully so in a lot of cases) that the sport is a “sissy” sport as well as the low scoring. After watching an Italian league game the other day, I was so disgusted, I turned the game after the half. It was a close, well played match, but the obvious flopping, rolling three times after a minimal challenge, was too much to bear. Try that in a NHL game! You’d never be able to live it down in your career. Maybe soccer needs to “toughen up” and learn something form some of the American and European(hockey) sports.

Comment by Chris

Peoples makes mistakes, so forcus on the laws n regulation of the games and no self interest or favour to any secumstances that our mind just cant control our reaction, cos the reaction shows but our mind is hidden in ourself. SO stay focus for the good of the sports.

Comment by Fisol

thats really too bad, and bad for the game

Comment by Soccerballs

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