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A test for all coaches – try a session with no equipment and just one ball

I am contacted by coaches from all over the world, telling me about how hard it is to coach because they have not got much equipment. Sometimes it is easy to take for granted things like cones, bibs, shinpads and boots.

I’ve moaned about the state of the our training pitch, and even that the astro turf training ground meant my players couldn’t get the right weight of pass on muddy pitches.

In reality you don’t need lots of equipment but it helps. And even though soccer is a simple game it’s hard to coach a group of players with just one ball. . So next time you’re on the training ground leave all the training equipment at home and see if you can run a session without them and just take one ball. It’s hard not to end up just playing one big match!

Check out this clip I have found of coach Johnny Mayaka coaching his team in Mombasa. Some players have no footwear which means he has to be especially careful checking the rough ground for glass or sharp objects.


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