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Six Soccer Sins

dc11.Stopping the ball standing still

Players that trap balls standing still are easy to target by the opposition.

2.Goalkeeper staying on the line

Goalkeepers must advance towards the ball as attackers close in.

3. Standing waiting for the pass

Players must move to the ball, not wait for it

4. Arguing with the referee

Those days are gone show that as a club you respect officials.

5. Lifting your feet at throw ins

It’s a technique all players should be able to get right.

6. Arguing with the crowd like David Beckham

Just ignore it we don’t want children seeing any silly antics on the pitch – come on Becks your paid well enough not to do that.


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7. Parents coaching from the sidelines in youth sports.

1) Dead right. Working on this with my 10s, bad habits from past rec. coaches.

2) When we have the ball, my keepers come out of the box and play a sweeper role. Well, my 10s aren’t there yet but like my other teams, they will be.

3) Off the ball movement is a focus of my training.

4) My 13s and 14s have on occasion, but this has never been a problem for my teams.

5) It happens, more at younger ages.

6) I’ve actually had this happen at U12 and U14 … kids stopped playing to argue with their own vocal parents on the sidelines. Auuuugh.



Comment by Sean

As a ex-professional player i was in beckam’s situation,but i didn’t do what he did,on the other hand the american public must understand that Beckam came in U.S. for money and to make pictures,but realy i’m not agree with the public reaction,soccer is still baby in U.S. and they must understand that.Like all the time these people are looking for some advertising,some misterious adventure.If they don’t like Beckam they have to stay home eating their pizza,and drinking their coca,is very simple,i was in the same situation like that suporter but do you know what?i left the stadium and i was to drink my beer quaietly,but some people like that suporter want to be on the main page in papers,at TV,and if you ask him what is his qualification,or is ilegal,or somebody too cheap for this world.Look at them in the video,they don’t know yet what is soccer but they are very upset,for what?hard to understand.They are mistery for humanity.

Comment by Rudy

always have your players to encurage each other for the good things & tell your team mates good try & well done, for the things that go wrong this always keep them as a team & focus.

Comment by vince cali

always have your players to encourage each other for the good things & tell your team mates good try & well done, for the things that go wrong this always keep them as a team & focus.

Comment by vince cali

players getting caught out on the long throw down the line.attacker runs in behind defender and squares ball to attacking team mates. so easy to defend

Comment by michael sheridan

One soccer sin I will not tolerate, usually with U12 or younger, is stealing the ball from your teammate. I’m not talking takeovers, just taking the ball from a teammate as they are dribbling down field.

Comment by john palatine

tactic . syestm

Comment by majid

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