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Heading skills start with technique

dc1It’s an important attribute for a striker to have, the ability to jump above the opposition and get their head on the ball. When your players head a ball, if they can jump with the right technique, they are likely to get above most defenders in youth matches.

Young players often are not spending enough time at training practicing getting themselves off the floor and their heads on the ball. A header is a very effective way of scoring at all levels of the game but especially youth matches where players shy away from heading.

Coaches need to spend time on the technique and the movement to get into position to attack the ball using the head. Time spend in training will be repaid over and over again in matches.

Watch this clip of Brightlingsea Regent FC who run boys and girls teams from U8 to U18 in the Colchester & District Youth League. In the clip you can see one of the senior teams scoring a goal with their head. Watch the movement and the height the player gets. Also can you see why the linesman disallowed the goal?

And as it’s World Cup season I’ve also put up a clip of the best 10 goals from the last World Cup in 2006.

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best i can come up with is that #4 is offside and distracts the keeper.

Comment by iain

offside position at the time the ball is headed and then either played the ball to score the goal or was interfering with play

Comment by Mark

#4 runs in on goal and is in an offside position when the ball is headed. He is close enough to the keeper to have been a distraction preventing him from making a play on the ball.

Comment by Bill DeBruyn

Looks like the leftmost man in offence was in an offsides position and became involved in the play as the ball came across the goal. His presence in offside position interfered with the play of the ball by engaging the goalie.

Comment by Kevin

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