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The importance of the ball into the box

It’s something you hear shouted at every match you go to, whether it is the local under 8s or a Premier League match – “Get the ball into the box!” or danger area or “Cross it!”… And those shouters have a point.

When youth players get the ball across into the danger areas on a pitch there is a chance something will happen and maybe a goal will be scored.

That ball hit over defenders causes chaos.

If you have players capable of crossing a ball with height and pace get them doing it as often as possible. A stretched defence or retreating defence is going to find it hard to clear the ball and often impossible to get it to a team mate.

It’s a great way to create goal scoring chances.

Watch these two clips from girls matches and see the how often goals are scored from crosses into the penalty area – not always good crosses even. And I have also put up a clip of David Villa scoring a great goal from a superb cross by Joan Capdevila for Spain in the confederation cup earlier this year.


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