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Picking players to take free-kicks

DavidClarkeTaking free-kicks is good practice for getting your attackers used to shooting at goal. If a player can kick a good shot they can usually take a good free-kick.

But you shouldn’t restrict the free-kick takers to attackers. Often your defenders will be the ones that can kick high and long, ideal for free-kicks that are further out from goal. You will probably want to have close range free-kick takers, long range free-kick takers and also remember you may need someone to take free-kicks from wide position where the ball will be crossed rather than shot at goal.

It all comes down to your training sessions and making sure you put some time aside for free-kick taking. Have a competition and pick the winners – but remember young players kicking power will change as they get older, keep an eye out for the ones that are improving and encourage them to try free-kicks.

Here are some clips showing a player practising taking free-kicks from different angles around the penalty area, Steven Gerrard with an unusual way of practising and a compilation of some of the world’s best free-kicks.


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i’m from Malaysia, ur blog is give me knowledge & input abaout soccer TQ.

Comment by Din

How does the player ‘curl’ the ball in the last clip – Korean Amateur Player Free Kick?

Comment by Lindsay

Great site…keep up the good work.

Comment by Bill Bartmann-_

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