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Why Burnley beating Manchester utd is inspirational

DavidClarkeI can sit for hours and argue that a good coach can mean the difference between winning and losing, and then a good coach makes the headlines by struggling at their new club.

The victory by Burnley over Manchester Utd is important for coaches of youth teams for a number of reasons. First Manchester Utd lost! But seriously I can take this result with me and talk to my players about it at training.

Burnley beat Man Utd… Never! they would have said before the game. Now they can see that you can beat the unbeatable teams at the top of the league. It can help inspire them to great feats over their own unbeatable teams they will face in the coming season.

But it also shows how tactics and good coaching can produce results like this. Pitting your wits against Sir Alex Ferguson is difficult at the best of times but playing him with a less gifted team is a nightmare and yet Owen Coyle the Burnley manager has managed to do it.

He has got Burnley promoted and now they are gracing the Premier League with style and good football. I will watch them with interest over the coming months. And especially when Burnley go to Old Trafford and see what Sir Alex Ferguson has in store for them next time.

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I have been searching for info like this all week! Now I finally found it here on your blog. Thanks for this.

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I was searching for similar info all week. Glad I found it!

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