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Attackers need skill, strength and balance

DavidClarkeWhen attackers are faced with a number of defenders and they are alone running at goal it is often strength and skill that get them past and into goal scoring positions.

Your attackers need balance and strength to go with the skill of ball control. It’s no good running and dribbling only for a defender to nudge you off the ball and you lose all that momentum.

So fitness, strength and balance need to be part of your attackers’ make-up. That means training sessions need to include warm-up fitness and running exercises to practices balance at speed.

Watch this old video of Ronaldo playing for Barcelono in 1996 when the late Sir Bobby Robson was coach and Jose Mourinho was his assistant. The pace and balance is excellent and he also rides the blatant attempts to stop him by the Valencia defenders.

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I’ve been looking for this kind of information for awhile. Thanks.

Comment by Ice Makers

I had no idea. Amazing what you can learn by cruising the internet, reading about things that interest you. Thanks for posting about this.

Comment by Brass Knuckles Pendant

I have two strikers who are fantastic but now into the second half of the season they have hit a goal drought and this is costing us game in a draw or loss. Even against the weakest teams they struggle to score. Now my midfielders are scoring. I have spoken with them and they say they love soccer nd striking but no results. What can the problem be.

Comment by Gavin

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