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Making a fool of defenders – the nutmeg
August 24, 2009, 8:22 am
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dc1There’s nothing worse as a defender than to have the ball played through your legs leaving you rooted to the spot unable to do anything about it. You’ve been nutmegged.

This sort of skill is the kind of thing you need to arm your players with, so as they grow more confident in games they have the ability to use certain techniques which give them the edge over the opposition.

Watching players use techniques like the nutmeg is exciting to see.

Here’s a clip explaining how to attack a defender and use the nutmeg and a clip of Jose Antonio Reyes playing for Arsenal, performing a nutmeg on Gary Neville on two occasions causing the Manchester Utd defender to do an horrendous foul to hide his embarrassment.

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This is skill on display. I’d love to see my players do this effortlessly

Comment by Segun Obadare-Akpata

I’ve watched my daughters coach for a few practices and he doesn’t have the girls do the same drill twice in one week. I thought soccer was about repeating the same drills/ball work over and over until they get it. He told the girls he changes it up but yet this way they don’t get bored.
Is this a correct way to go about it?
Maybe that’s why I feel better just watching.
Please advise.

Comment by Dave

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