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Goalkeepers need some quality time

dc1Warming up goalkeepers and getting them ready for matches means spending time in training sessions working one to one with them.

But it’s no good just throwing or kicking the ball at them, goalkeepers need to be stretched in all directions. You are also risking either alienating your goalkeeper or boring them if you do a quick kick-throw activity with them during training.

For the most part you want them to be taking part in all the sessions you do with your players. A goalkeeper needs to use their feet a lot so they should be good at kicking and passing the ball.

However you do need to spend time on some specific warm-up and specific match day drills that will help them develop into good goalkeepers. Try to do this at least two or three times a month.

Watch this which has some good tips for warm-ups and match day drills.

 Soccer Skills and Drills


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WOW! This is a great little training video. I love it. I do variations of some of these, but this gives me new ideas to expand on. THANKS FOR SHARING!!!!!!!!

Comment by Lance from California, USA

You guys are wonderful with your teaching and my football team is enjoying your wonderful teachings. Thanks a million.

Mike Isamede Oscar

Comment by Mike Isamede Oscar

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