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Why Michael Owen’s last minute goal was so good

David Clarke
Michael Owen’s goal for Manchester Utd against Manchester City was an excellent goal for a number of reasons. I’m always going on about control and passing, receiving and knowing where players are. Well this goal was a great pass and finish.

With the clock showing time was indeed up a desperate ball into the box from Manchester Utd was easily cleared by the City defence. A big up and under with no real hope of a goal scoring chance. It relies on the luck of the bounce, not skill.

The next ball is played with fabulous vision and the right weight to thread it through the City defence to Owen. That was an outstanding pass under pressure by Ryan Giggs. That wasn’t relying on luck, it was a well-timed pass aimed at splitting the City defence open – and it did.

Then there is the finish. Owen controls and with the outside of his boot shoots past the goalkeeper into the net. A cool finish. And yet Owen could see a defender coming quickly at him and the goalkeeper coming towards him. Not the easy chance he makes it look.

In injury time in the first half ex Manchester Utd forward Carlos Tevez has a similar chance. He hit the post.

Here’s the goal so you judge it yourself:

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“As cool as you like”

I guess Sir Alex’s signing of Owen has paid off.

Comment by Coach Joe

Agreed, Owen’s goal was a touch of class. Also, what the hell is Ryan Giggs taking? His last two performances have been out of this world… he’s playing like a 21-year-old again and it’s great to see.

All the best and keep blogging,


Thanks Joe

I agree what is Giggs on? The composure and vision to play a pass like that knowing time was nearly up was outstanding


Comment by Joe Jeffries

Nice job you’ve done on your site – are you having fun with it? It’s interesting and well worth the time to visit.

Hi Jackie

Yes lots of fun helping coaches and players get the most out of this wonderful sport


Comment by Jackie

Hi Dave, Great blog. Great emails weekly from BFC. Also subscribed to the weekly smart sessions and they are worth their weight in gold. I need to find out where I can ask about 2 aspects of the game that I require clearing up. Can you help me? 1. Setting up defensive wall when direct free kick in dead centre of goal. 2. Playing a 442 v 451 without changing your formation. I employ a 442 but do not wish to change. What needs to happen to compete in the midfield?

Comment by Rob Cronick

I am so glad Owen got this chance at Man Utd. He has always been a quality player in my mind.

Lets hope he hold off the injuries.

Comment by Graham

best new blog

Comment by Nynelly

4ee2Yo I want to say – thank you for this!

Comment by lilikindsli

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