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Shooting is made easy with Andrés Iniesta

DavidClarkeAttackers can set up drills to practice on their own. I often like to try out drills myself before I get my players doing them. Sometimes I find that it works better if the players I am thinking about do the exercise on their own with no one watching to judge them or make them feel self conscious.

This exercise with Andrés Iniesta of Barcelona works best with just an attacker a few cones and a goal.

Why don’t you go down to your local pitch, set this one up and work out how to do it for yourself.

It makes you feel like a big kid again!

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I really like this idea for a drill. It happens a lot that the kids on my team beat a player or two and then don’t have the energy to shoot with power.

Comment by Alex

Where’s the 18 cones, 10 one-touch passes, multicoloured pinnies, passive defenders??? … I think we so over-complicate the game we miss teaching the truly essential skills of dribbling in a straight line and kicking a ball hard. I’m going to try it with my kids.

Comment by LR

Kids need to develop the shoot first thought process close to the 18. It will make for better scoring chances vs passing in the attacking zone and a turnover and blotched scoring attempt. I would rather see a kid shoot and turn the ball over opposed to a bad pass turnover.

Comment by Robert Abraham

Seem like i can never absorb enough soccwr info.

Comment by Robert Abraham

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