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Why the weight of pass is so important to Arsenal

dc1Watching matches in the Premiership, especially the Arsenal 6 Blackburn Rovers 2 game it was interesting to see how balls of different weights set up chances. The hardest of these is the short pass for a player to run on to.

When the weight of pass Is right the ball takes out defenders and stops the goalkeeper claiming it by being in the right place for the attacker to pounce. It is something to get your players practicing at home against a wall so they get used to hitting the right areas with the right weight whether it is a long or short pass.

Tell your players to try to pass with themselves while dribbling down the side of a wall. They should start around 5 or 6 feet away from the wall, pass the ball at an angle to the wall and recieve it back, take a few touches, then pass again… and so on. If they have a wall that is long they can run along it passing at an angle to run on to or if it is a short space pass back and forth.

If you haven’t got a wall use a piece of wood held in place with stakes. Put down three markers, one at 5 yards one at 10 yards and one at 15 yards. Hit passes against the board that reach the three distances to help players get used to the weight of pass.

This is how the professionals do it in the clip below:


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I know what you mean. Isn’t it unbelievable?

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