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Changing pace: get players to run the lines

David ClarkeThe lines on a soccer pitch can be used for more than just a match. You can make some great games up just by getting players to follow the lines and turn at right angles. Players have to control the ball running in straight lines on a pitch and it works well for your training sessions.

Check out this game, which helps players get used to changing pace and controlling the ball. It’s great fun for the players and good for their fitness too.

Watch the clip and get your players running around the lines:

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I like it. A good twist to this would be to have the players perform some type of feint just prior to the change in angle then do a fancy turn of some kind like part of Maradona or a Cruyff.

Comment by Lance from California, USA

If no lines available, use markers, set up a grid age appropriate. eg 40 x 40 would give you 25 cones/starting points, as stated begin slow, medium and fast as you come to each cone a change of pace. No two players can be on the same line. So options are left, right, straight on, or turn.
So with the change of pace, player must keep head up and decision making becomes part of it. If two players end up on same line they could be out, to bring fun element to it.
Could progress and call game pac man. Get one or two players on and they must hunt the others down.
Just an idea.

Comment by Tony Cox

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