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Hit the target like Wayne Rooney

Can your players hit the target? I don’t know whether my U9s can because they won’t try. They had 16 corners at the weekend and not one shot from those corners. It was so frustrating, they passed and passed and passed, right in front of goal, it was almost as if they were too shy to shoot. Of course I love a good passing move, but from a corner I want them to be more direct – I want them to shoot!

So at my training session tonight I will give them target shooting practice.

The way to do it is to put some balls just outside the penalty area and get your players to shoot at goal from there.

Watch this clip of Wayne Rooney practicing shooting from outside the area and get your players doing the same thing.

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I would have thought that the scoring in the corners would have been the other way round – with 10 points in the bottom corners because its more difficult for a goalkeeper to get down than to dive across and save a shot at shoulder height

Comment by Chris Bamford

In theory yeah, but how often do you have an open shot from the top of the 18? Defenders can block low shots but cannot block the high ones.

Comment by Thann

Just look at how many he gets bang on and tell me he isn’t the greatest striker in the world! Lobe it love it love it!

Comment by Wayne Rooney

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