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Girlfriends on the touchline

David Clarke2At the weekend one of my U16 players was acting strangely. Cocky was an understatement. All acting up and lippy “I’m not being subbed today!” Messing about during the warm-ups I was getting annoyed with him until one of the other boys told me his girlfriend was watching.

When the match kicked off I couldn’t see him in his usual position… he was running up front desperate to score. Considering he was a defensive midfielder it was causing problems to the team. All the other players started moaning at him to get in to position but he wouldn’t come back.

Eventually I had to take him off and get him to calm down. He got a ribbing from the other boys but he didn’t seem to care. I let him go back on later but the same thing happened.

No wonder Fabio has told the England players to leave the WAGs at home.
And what about Katy Perry at the recent MTV Europe Music Awards in Berlin dressing up in a West Ham to embarrass her boyfriend Russell Brand:

Katy Perry soccer girlfriend

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