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USA captain Steve Cherundolo says this warm down is fun

David Clarke2I always like to end my coaching sessions with a competition of some sorts that the players look forward too and lets them take their minds off the technical side of our sport and allow the fun side to envelope them for 10 minutes.

It ends the session on a high and all the players usually want more of the same. I know it makes them want to come back for the next session which is great news when you’re the coach.

So I use games like this end of training finishing drill which the US National Team use with their players.

It’s a simple miss and you’re out, score and you get another turn exercise. You are also getting players thinking without realizing it. Should they place it or go for power. Which technique will they use. They will all want to win so they will concentrate.

Watch this clip of the US team playing the exercise at the end of training.

Defender Steve Cherundolo is captain of the US team and plays for Hannover 96 in the German Bundesliga. He said: “When it matters I try and concentrate a bit more and score a few goals. It was fun.”

The winner of the drill this time was forward Jozy Altidore. He said (with a big grin): “I always want to be number one!”

Watch it here:

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I always like this type of finish. The problem comes when you have U11 girls and what to do with those who go out early, and it always seems to be the same girls. How do you keep them engaged?

Comment by Tony Everett

The way I make this work for my U11 girls is that you are only out of the game if the girl next in line shoots and makes it. If she misses you go back in line to wait your turn to shoot again. Makes the game last longer but they love getting eachother out!

Comment by gopher2378

I have my girls collect balls, or if it’s a drill during the practice and not a cool-down like this one, I have them do fitness. I’ve found that if they don’t like the fitness drill then they’ll put more effort into staying in.

Comment by Meghan

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